Freelance Multimedia Specialist

SKILLS: Photography, Image Retouching, Videography, Graphics Design, Web Design, Music Production, Music Composition, Sound Design, Sound Engineering, Audio Recording, and Computer Technician.

Good to see you here!

Hello Neighbor!  My name is Xay.  That’s pronounced as “sigh”.  Yes, go ahead… sigh.  There ya go.  Now every time you sigh, you’ll remember me.  🙂  You’re probably wondering how I came up with my online alias, XayberOptix.  The best way I can help you to decipher this mystery is like this… Xayber sounds like Cyber which means “Virtual”.  Optix sounds like Optics which means “Visions”.  Because I create all of my art digitally, they are known to be virtual; and because I visualize all of my art, they are therefore my visions.  I know, I know… it’s somewhat a play on words but that is really how I came up with it back in 1999.  Besides, it sounded way cool and I wanted a name that was original.  Hey, it even has my name, Xay, in it; so what else could possibly represent me better, right?  Oh yea, nevermind the person(s) who uses CyberOptix, CyberOptics or other variants.  They definitely couldn’t be original.


So, you’re probably here because you want to learn more about me or someone put you up to it.  Either way, I’m glad you’ve decided to stop by.  On my website, I showcase some of my “fun” stuff and not so much of my “serious” stuff.  Why?  Well, because the serious stuff many times gets bought out exclusively by someone or a company I once worked with.  That is why you are left with the fun stuff.  Hopefully, that makes sense. 


Now that we have that out of the way, feel free to look around and experience all the artistic things I have to share with the world.  If you enjoy any of it, please help me by sharing it on social media.  If you don’t enjoy any of it, well, then be sure to let me know how I can accommodate you next time.  Anyway, I’m only a click away if you need to contact me for any reason.  Hopefully, it’s because you want to collaborate with me or maybe even hire me.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you!  ~Xay (aka XayberOptix)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I start every project with a “blank canvas”. It is just a matter of time that its surface becomes filled with artistic beauty. Whether it’s a photo, graphic image, video, piece of music, web site or mere written words, I always start with a foundation followed by building a structure atop. I see the structure as the line drawing that comes before the paint or the wireframe of a web site that comes before all the web components are placed. Take for example this website; it is undergoing a structural change and is a work in progress. Whether it is for a job or for myself, I strive to create artistically tasteful art in an effort to make the world a little more beautiful and interesting.


This gallery showcases my photography and photo retouching work.

This gallery showcases my music production and compositions.

This gallery showcases my video production and motion graphics work.

This gallery showcases my web design work.

Freelancer for Hire

As a Freelancer, my rates are quite reasonable.  When I don’t have a lot of projects going on, my rate is usually low.  Starting at $35/hr on up to $150/hr depending on the type of project.

Please hire me for any of these types of projects:  Photography, Video Production, Sound & Music, Web, Graphics, Building a Custom PC, Troubleshooting Computer-related Issues, etc.

If you are needing any help with your project(s), feel free to contact me at  I look forward to working with you.

~Xay (aka XayberOptix)

Web Skills:

▪ WordPress/Dreamweaver

▪ Online Marketing 

▪ E-Commerce 

▪ Amazon/Ebay Selling 

▪ Social Media 

▪ Email Campaigns 

▪ AdWords/Analytics 

▪ Branding 

▪ Project Management  

▪ Ad Design/Ad Creation 



▪ Web Dev/Design 

▪ HTML/CSS/JavaScript 

▪ Landing Pages 

▪ Database Design 

Multimedia Skills:

▪ Music & Sound 

▪ Video Production 

▪ Blu-ray Authoring 

▪ PhotoShop/Affinity Photo 

▪ Illustrator/InDesign 

▪ After Effects/HitFilm 

▪ Premiere Pro/Vegas Pro 

▪ Audition/Audacity 

▪ Digital Audio Workstation 

▪ Photography/Videography  

▪ Green Screen/Chromakey 

▪ Graphics Design  

▪ Motion Graphics 

▪ 2D/3D Animation 

▪ Image Manipulation 

▪ Photo Retouching 

Tech Skills:

▪ Computer Configuration 

▪ Windows & Mac OS 

▪ Windows Servers 

▪ Network Setup & Security 

▪ Firewall Configuration 

▪ Data Recovery 

▪ PC/Server Builds 

▪ IT/Troubleshooting 

▪ Tech Support/Helpdesk 

▪ WiFi/Router/Hotspot 

▪ Printer Install/Setup  

▪ Tablets & Notebooks 

▪ iOS/Adroid Devices 

▪ WiFi/Router/Hotspot 

▪ Printer Install/Setup   

▪ NAS Drive Setup & Install

Hobbies & Craft:

▪ Heat Press 

▪ T-Shirt Designs 

▪ Vinyl Cutting 

▪ Embroidery 

▪ Greeting Cards 

▪ Business Cards 

▪ Posters/Banners 

▪ Gift Ideas 

▪ Shrink Wrapping 

▪ Interior Decoration 

▪ Headboard Design 

▪ Furniture Design 

▪ Engraving 

▪ Carpentry/Woodwork 

▪ Soldering 

▪ Music Composition